Food Waste Watch

Student campaign for increased peer awareness of food waste behaviour in university canteens. Referring to the EAST Theory by the Behavioural Insights Team, quick and easy interventions were created.


I had done extensive scientific research and stakeholder interviews to fully understand the context of university canteens and how students behave in them. What stood out as prominent was making sure the point of interaction was well thought out and timely. From six key interaction points, I had narrowed to 3 where I thought were the most effective points to cause behaviour change.

3 easy interventions implemented in a canteen example


The 3 interventions created are displayed on the website free for any student to use in their campaign efforts in their universities. External forums and sign up roles on the site would encourage students to be more involved in giving feedback from their efforts, and would ideally build upon the existing interventions, creating a larger network of possibilities in reducing food waste in their canteen.


I have done critical thinking towards different user journey experiences for they browse on the site. I have also conducted extensive interviews with university sustainability coordinators to ensure advice I was suggesting was supported within the larger network of university chains of command. Through an online survey, I have also managed to alter appearances of certain call to action points that would cater better to the viewer’s needs


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