LEON Hackathon


We were given full access to LEON products and information and to what materials were used in their product packaging for us to fully understand what waste assortment is needed and what customers current behaviours are in stores.


Given the time constraints and lack of materials available. We were resourceful and used surrounding excess materials from the lunch meals at LEON. We had a real life scenario in our hands; getting to know each product LEON sold and finding out how they should be sorted. We decided that we should prioritise the cup sorting as there were 3 different materials used for different products. This causes the most confusion for customers when throwing away. We thought to utilise LEON’s already strong brand graphics to help guide customers to throw their waste more efficiently.


From this two day hackathon, we were able to pitch to the CEO and teams at LEON. We were also approached afterwards to continue consulting with them on their new prototype bins that would soon be entering their stores.

Group Members:

Oliver Hoare

Anna Soligo

Sibylle Rerolle