In asking myself what would be the future of food in 2050, I picked a less conventional future food, Soylent, a meal replacement drink. I then looked at the potential future this avenue could prosper should it expand its consumption experience. I was interested in discovering how may we design around food and how our experience with food might change in the future.

The key qualities to MeMic would be its replaceable “tasting sleeves” for a change of flavours induced by our innate association of colour and textures to certain tastes. A customised mould of the drinkers hand for increased comfort, as well as a larger bottle size to accommodate for a days worth of nutrition and energy.


Through scientific and material research, I have conducted prototypes and experiments to connect senses of smell, colour and touch to give a more enhanced meal experience. Predicting that people may be carrying around their future liquid meals with them as they go about their busy day.